Riho Oras - Senior Consultant and Project Manager

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Senior Consultant, Project Manager

TPI 1976, Diploma Engineer, 5-year program in the speciality of industrial and civil engineering.

TPI 1984, Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph. D.), 3 year postgraduate studies in the speciality of structural engineering;

Dissertation for Ph.D. degree in structural engineering “Statical Work, Analysis and Design of Cable-Supported Tent Roofs”

Profession 1998 - 2008 Chartered Engineer
Professional record

1976 – 1977 structural engineer for Design Institute EKE Projekt.

1977 - 1979 deputy commanding officer in the construction unit of the Soviet Navy

1979 – 1992 worked in several positions in Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) – former Tallinn Polytechnic Institute: assistant, senior lecturer, assoc. professor, Vice Dean of Faculty of Civil Engineering, Head of Department of Structural Engineering. Since 1992 has worked as client’s representative and project manager for domestic and international consulting assignments (from 2006 in Conviso OÜ); expert in structural engineering.

Professional association membership

Member of Estonian Association of Civil Engineers (EEL) since 1991; member of the EEL Council in 1994 – 2001.

Member of the Finnish Concrete Association (BY) since 2005.

President of Estonian Association of Engineers in 2001-2006.

Social activities

Development of the system of Estonian engineering professions in 1996-2006.

Chairman of Technical Committee for Technical Testing Issuesof the Estonian Accreditation Centre since 2003.

2010 Transitional evaluation of study programs in field of architecture and civil engineering as member of study program group of Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency.